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Hardwood floor refinishing Calgary / Refinishing hardwood floors

Hardwood floor refinishing cost / Refinishing hardwood floors

Wood floor refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing is the age old craft of restoring hardwood & staining hardwood floors through multiple sanding methods to remove aged or damaged varnish, oil, and wax from the surface of the hardwood. Then new floor protecting finish is applied in multiple coats to give the hardwood floor an amazing sheen.

How to refinish hardwood floors?

Below, we will describe briefly the steps taken to complete the process.

Step 01

Hardwood Sanding

We begin by sanding the hardwood floor with a Lagler Hummel industrial sander to remove the old finish or aluminum oxide for prefinished hardwood floors.

Step 02

Hand Work

Step 2 brings us to hand work / screening floor to remove any striations or marks left behind by the large sander. We also prep the floor in the phase for staining and or coating.

Step 03

Staining / Refinishing

Now that the floor has a smooth petina on the hardwood, the floor is now ready for waterpopping / staining and refinishing with Bona Commercial products.


Frequently Asked Question

Customers most common questions.

Sanding & refinishing of hardwood floors from 400 – 2000 sq. ft. can take from 3 days to 10 days depending on the species of hardwood, and whether or not staining is occuring.

Wildrose Hardwood uses commercial finishes only. We use Bona stain, Bona commercial waterbase, and Poloplaz oil-based finish to complete our floors.

Wildrose Hardwood does offer repair services IF the repair is large enough that our installers or finishers can earn a wage. Tiny repairs are subject to job by job basis.

Wildrose Hardwood offers 1 year of warranty on ALL jobs. Keep in mind this is dependent on whether the finish is in good standing at time of use.

This warranty DOES NOT include dimensional changes due to lack of or excess of humidity in residential or commercial properties.

This is because filler, that is used in hardwood sanding MAY come out of the floor if proper humidity levels are not upkept.

Yes, Wildrose Hardwood offers re-coating of hardwood flooring, if the hardwood floor is in the right condition.

Most engineered flooring, specially hand scraped or saw cut, usually are beyond repair if they get deep scratches or damage from dogs. Most of the engineered flooring under 8.00 / sq. ft. needs to be replaced if excessive damage occurs.

Yes, Wildrose Hardwood offers flooring (hardwood, vinyl plank, laminate and yes, sometimes engineered) to all of our customers. We do offer flooring at pretty big discounts depending on the amount requested.

We also sell Bona Waterbased, and Poloplaz oil based finish.

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