How much does hardwood flooring cost?

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How much does hardwood flooring cost?

Lets dive into the cost of hardwood flooring, and how Wildrose Hardwood arrives at said cost. Traditionally, hardwood flooring can cost between 5.85 to 16.00 / square foot, depending on the hardwood species you choose.

When purchasing hardwood flooring for any customer, we measure their floor layout and ad 10% for waste. This number is then multiplied by the square foot cost.

Learning about which species of hardwood you like to purchase would be your next inquiry. Red Oak, White Oak, and Maple hardwood have been a long running staple hardwood for Alberta, Canada to this day. However we do have access to Hickory, Birch, American Walnut, etc.

Type of flooring

Density also becomes an important factor. How hard do you want your hardwood floor to be? With the right humidity in your home, you could look at exotic hardwood flooring or even an engineered exotic hardwood flooring.

janka hardness scale 2

The janka hardness scale above reveals a little about the strength of each of the hardwoods, and how they will hold up. For Alberta, we often see Canadian hard maple because it holds up well to surface wear, if it has been properly sanded and sealed.

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